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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  May 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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that breaking news is in philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood. here is the live look at the scene of a deadly crash. details coming up. >> four members of the military are hurt after a humvee crashed on the new jersey turnpike. >> get ready for a weekend warmup. some neighborhoods will hit 70 degrees today and the weather will be even better tomorrow. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's justs after 5:30 on this saturday. good morning michelle. >> good morning. it's milder today, 70s today and near 80 tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies across the area. we'll see a mixture of sun and cloud as we go throughout the
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day. we may see a few isolated showers throughout the afternoon. the big story will be the milder air today. not waking up mild. it is chilly outside. we're waking up with temperatures about 9 degrees colder compared to 24 hours ago in drover about 2 degrees colder compared to two hours ago in philadelphia. we'll warm up pretty quickly once we get the sun going. right now temperatures madelyinly in the 40s. 44 in wrightstown, same story to the north and west 46 in reading, if you're waking up in pottstown, you're waking up to 46 degrees, 38 in mount holly, 42 in dover and 46 in avalon. we'll warm up prisetty nicely this afternoon. by 3:00 67.
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given, again, tracking the chance for a spotty shower this afternoon. >> skyforce10 was over a late night accident over the new jersey turnpike involving a military humvee. the vehicle was part of a convoy traveling from fort drum in new york on its way to burlington county. jessie gary is live outside of capital health regional medical center in trenton where the crash victims are being treated. what can you tell us? >> reporter: a total of six victims are being treated here. the most serious was flown here the other by ground. this is near exit 7. investigators say a 12-vehicle military transport was headed south from fort drum in new york
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to fort diks a black nissan collided with the trailing humvee causing the crash. we have learned that all lanes are now reopened. investigators are working to determine what caused the nissan to collide with the humvee that sparked the accident. we're going to work on trying to get more condition updates in the other five victims coming up in the next 30 minutes or so. live from trenton, jessie gary nbc 10 news. >> we are following breaking news. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly crash in cobbs creek. there is a live look at the scene at 62nd and walnut streets. you can see fire crews out there along with police. they're trying to clean up the scene. police tell us one car ran into the side of another vehicle, then flipped over and caught on fire. two people in that first car were killed. the driver of the second vehicle
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is now being treated for a broken arm. our crew at the scene tells us a third parked car was also damaged in the crash. >> philadelphia police are investigating two armed robberies involving temple university students. the first happen just before midnight at 18th street and montgomery avenue. the second armed robbery what was just outside of a students house. we are working to get more details about both of these crimes and we will keep you -- police were called out to a fire on bancroft mills road. it used to be fabric plant. nobody was hurt here. investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. >> this morning a pit bull owner in philadelphia is spkd to face charges after the dog mauled a teen-ager. video shows police battling the pit bull last night. medics transported the
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16-year-old victim to an ambulance. he's in stanl. >> 11-year-old omar sweden who took the video, he tells us the dog just kept buying. >> the dog kept chasing him. his friend was trying to hit the dog with the broom. then the cops came and fired a shot and the dog hit them with the car. >> the pit bull right now is in the custody of the authorities.
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-- may day is traditionally a time to rally for workers rights but last night things took a different turn in the wake of the freddie gray matter in baltimore. two officers were seriously injured. no word on their condition this morning. other officers made several arrests. >> black life matters! >> in philadelphia a few dozen protesters made their way through the center of the city last night chanting "black live matters." they were peaceful and there were no arrests. >> and this was the scene last night as demonstrators celebrated the news. police in armored vehicles that they did have to leave as the
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m -- arrests. >> the the state's attorney called gray's death a homicide adding that his death was illegal and his treatment amounted to murder and manslaughter. this morning the officers are free on bond. >> i assured his family that no one is above the law and that i would pursue justice on their behalf. >> freddie gray's family members say they are satisfied with the arrest, the charges and they want the city to return to normal. the time right now is 5:38. the royal family is about to get bigger. kate the duchess of cambridge, is in labor right now and this morning we are following the developments overseas. also, another local police department has a new tool that helps save.
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>> plus the rest of st. joe's softball season has been scrapped after some off-the-field accusations surfaced. we'll tell whaupt players are accused of doing. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen.
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sender we continue to follow breaking news this morning, the birth of the royal baby. this is video from st. march riff's -- mary's hospital in london. kate is reportedly overdue by several days. this is kate and williams' second child. they say they don't know if the baby will be a boy or girl. the baby will be fourth in line to the thrown after big brother george seen here. he was born at the same hospital in 2013. royal officials are not expected to give any more information until the baby is born and we'll let you know as soon as that happens. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> overall we're looking at a
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really nice weekend, pretty calm as we head throughout saturday and sunday. the big headlines being milder air today and even warmer on sunday. we're tracking cool air this morning. it is chilly as you step out on your saturday morning. temperatures 48 until philadelphia 46 in allentown, 42 in lancaster, 45 in wildwood. we'll see them rise quickly once we get the sun going. we do have little bit of a story this afternoon. we may see an isolated shower or two, you can see very very spotty by this afternoon. if you're under one of those showers, you're going to wonder where they came from. keep it in mind as you're headed out and about later this afternoon. they will be brief and on the light side. milder spotty pm showers, 70 to 73. a nice day overall. we'll talk more about your end of the weekend forecast coming up. >> next more women have come forward to accuse bill cosby of sexual assault. we'll explain the latest allegations against the
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embattled comedian after the break. it's a money maker. i mean, i just feel like our children are paying the price for these high stakes tests and their teachers are stressed out about it. so, teachers aren't benefiting. they're not getting information from these tests that are helpful for teaching. kids aren't benefiting because they don't even know what they got right or wrong. they just know that they feel really bad about it. parents aren't benefitting because i don't get any more information about my child. so the only people that could possibly be benefitting from this are corporations who are making the tests and selling the tests. there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia.
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jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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new this morning, police officer are now carrying narcan. >> in montgomery county police are calling the death of a man and woman thursday night a murder/suicide. neighbors reported hearing gunshot. the s.w.a.t. team arrived to find that a man shot and killed himself. >> officials are offering a $5,000 reward for any information about a murder in norristown. authorities want to know who killed paul brown as he sat in his car on scott alley.
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brown was shot this past christmas. >> the st. joseph's university softball team is suspended for the rest of the season following a hazes investigation. st. joe's looked into accusations of players hazing and bullying younger members on the team. university officials tells because of privacy laws they can't give details on specific punishment for individual players. the team had only three games left in its season. >> two more women have come forward accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. both women are represented by attorney gloria allred and shared detail of their stories at a news conference yesterday. it sounded similar to the accounts of past accusers. just last week three other accusers came forward to say that the comedian sexual assaulted them. cosby has denied all of the allegations and has never been charged with a crime. >> today more than 3,000 people will walk to raise awareness of
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a disease that often robs people of their ability to walk. this is a live look at the philadelphia museum of art where walk m.s. will take place. this year's walk has raised more than $200,000 for research and programs. >> and if you're looking for a job, many businesses are scrambling to found help for the upcoming summer season so you're in luck. help wanted signs are up at many popular spots. with just three weeks to go before memorial day weekend, they are still looking to fill about 500 positions. >> it is seasonal but it's still a good six months. if there's folks out there currently unemployed that want to pick up a summer job, we'd be happy to have them here.
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>> and at seaside heights, they have about 400 openings. that job fair will be at webster avenue and the board walk at seaside heights from noon until 10:00. >> and it will be a beautiful day to do that. even tomorrow feeling a little closer to summer-like. certainly feeling summer-like next week. today we're milder into the low 70s. tomorrow even better than today. a weekend warmup is on top, 64 degrees. that was our high yesterday. it was cool. we had wind in place. it felt a little cooler than the actual high. as we go throughout today, tomorrow and next week we're looking at a big warmup. we're looking at perfect weather for the race, lots of sunshine good temperatures and at the beginning we're looking at the 50s and 60 to start our day. we have a lot of 80s in our seven day. all is quiet on radar. that may change than every this
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afternoon in just a few minutes. 48 in philadelphia, winds are calm and we're keeping winds calm all throughout the day. outside we're still looking a little dark. it's starting to get a little brighter outside but we're starting to see a mixture of sun and clouds as we go throughout the afternoon. temperatures right now are on the cool side so if you're getting your run in early this morning, you're out and about, we're looking at temperatures in the 40s. 48 degrees in filled l philadelphia 46 in allentown, 42 in lancaster. same story to the south. >> we are tracking a little bit of a change later on this afternoon. the big weather story today will be the milder air in place into the low 07s. we'll warm up quickly once the sun does get going. and then this afternoon notice green showing you very isolated showers. be don't be surprised if you're
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in some spots that will see a spotty shower or two. they clear up pretty quickly and we're looking at a mostly clear night with just a few clouds in place, temperatures dropping back into the 50s in philadelphia, 40s north and west. then sunday morning a beautiful start to our sunday, warmer in the afternoon. temperatures topping 78 degree close to early latd on sunday. enjoy that for the big race -- we're mainly looking at the 50s. so we're looking at light winds. if you're in the race or are going to watch some people running, wear sunscreen. today 70 to 73. tonight temperatures dropping back into the 50s in philadelphia, 49 north and west.
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afternoon that will be the high. by sunday 78 degrees. warmer 82. sticks around on wednesday. thursday and friday nice temperatures in the low 80s with mostly sunny sky zplps next in sports, recapping the draft. what chip kelly has to say about the bird's picks so far. ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone.
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it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪ mub heej mub
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hello, i'm amy fadool. the nfl draft continued last night with the second and third round in chicago. the eagles trade up five spots to 47th overall and john runyan did the honors for the birds. >> with the 47th pick of the 2015 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select air rowe defensive back utah.
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>> jim kelly and his staff played close attention to rowe senior bowl and came away impressed. there's a good chance rowe will play cornerback. he can also play safety. >> we think he can do a lot of things. he's got 45 career starts i think 9 at corner 36 at safety. versatility was one of the things you look at. from a height/weight speed parameter, he's kind of who have the charts of what he can do at a physical standpoint. >> when i got out there, i felt real strong interest in them. they really liked me. i'm glad they liked me because i liked them too. >> with their third round pick the eagles selected linebacker jordan hicks. he had some injury issues an achilles injury in 2013 and a hip flexor in 2012 but was healthy last year leading the texas longhorns in tackles. >> and we sat down withing a
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aghorlor. >> i made it clear to them that i really want to be here and he gave me an opportunity. >> of the draft continues today with rounds four three seven. the eagles have four picks, one in the fourth round, two in the sixth and one in the seventh. >> philadelphia's own jaelen strong is headed to houston. top of the fourth jay utley
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taking the pitch deep. heading for home he slides in safely. it was reviewed stanton scores. that will do it for sports. >> we are just a day away from the blue cross broad street run, and a chester county woman will be participating in the race in honor of her training partner who was murdered last year. danielle rutman is taking on the ten-miler for the first time tomorrow. she planned to run the race with her race jacinda miller who was shot by her boyfriend last year. she'll be running in memory of her friend. >> every time i told her i can't
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run a nine-mile run or i can't run ten miles or i can't do a half and she would always tell me yes, you can. if i can do it you can do it. you just have to get out there and do it. >> after this race, rutman says she will run a half marathon created in her honor. >> you can watch the blue cross broad street run live on nbc 10 and on our sister station telemundo 62. >> several people are hurt after a military vehicle crashed on the new jersey turnpike. jessie gary is following the overnight developments. jessie? >> reporter: those victims being treated here in trenton, both army and civilian people injured in this crash. we'll have an update right after the break. >> we're waking up a little chilly this morning, temperatures mainly in the 40s. but we're going to be milder later on this afternoon.
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a live look outside we'll talk more about the milder air today and even warnler on sunday. that's coming up. lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> a nest of mangled metal. police say two people are dead and could be more inside in philadelphia. >> a military humvee crashes on the new jersey turnpike sending six people to the hospital. we'll have more on their condition and the impact on traffic. >> we are starting out a little bit chilly today but we will warm up. a climb in temperatures will take us all the way to the 80s by next week. welcome back to nbcnews10 today. michelle grossman is tracking conditions outside. dare i say we may get a taste of summer? >> we'll get a taste of summer. it will stay with us throughout at least most of the summer. so closer to 80 on sunday than certainly doing like summer during the work week. we are wak


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